Sascha Parduhn

I am a researcher at Theoretical Computer Science group of Computer Science department, University of Saarland.


My research focuses on a new approach to algorithm animation. This approach is based on shape analysis, a static program analysis that is used for verification of program properties. In contrast to traditional methods, this approach is not bound to a concrete program execution that is then simulated and visualized. Instead, the abstract output of shape analysis allows for visualizing any possible heap configurations during program execution and thus to easily see invariants. The higher abstraction, however, comes with a price. It is not possible to display concrete data values or similar with this method and due to the abstraction, new challenges present themselves for computing a sensible layout. I discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this approach in my PhD-thesis.

To test out the various concepts of my PhD-thesis I also programmed a visualization tool, that can be downloaded here: Visualizer